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"Advanced Placement Trailer"

All hail Kevin Tran, Advanced Placement :) Not my video.


I’m going to ask a stupid question… Were angels not capable of translating dead languages? I understand that maybe they can’t read the tablets, but if Kevin translated anything to a dead language couldn’t Castiel or even Gadriel translate it?

Just a thought?

The tablet is not in Enochian (Angel Language) which is why Kevin was needed to translate it.
EDIT: I barely remember what langauge it was supposed to be in but now I think the tablet was Encohian. Would anyone care to answer angelichunterwithashotgun's question?


Kevin Tran Lives (Listen) I miss Kevin

Don”t Fear The Reaper-Blue Oyster Cult//Hate To See Your Heart Break-Paramore//Addict With A Pen-21 Pilots//Give Em Hell Kid-My Chemical Romance//Migrain-21 Pilots//I’ll Surely Die-The Rubens//The (After) Life Of The Party-Fall Out Boy//Freewill-Rush

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I will never be over Kevin Freakin’ Solo…

96/100 days until spn s10

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Who the hell was Kevin Tran’s father?
Why does no one talk about this?!

Yes! Why does no one talk about this? Anyone have any ideas or meta they’d like to discuss? I remember at one point people said Crowley or wanted Crowley to be Kevin’s dad.

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Osric Chau (Kevin Tran , prophet of the Lord in series “Supernatural”)

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Oh hey a thing.

Mainly for talktotheprophet . Based off an Supernatural RP thing.

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Supernatural. Crowley&Kevin. Ah, motivation.

This one’s for you, Elendraug!

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