I wrote a Kevin Tran oneshot cause I was feeling sad.


"You look great."

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Kevin Tran, Prophet of The Lord.


Imagine Kevin telling you that you have to leave because he doesn’t want you to get hurt.

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#14 Kevin Tran from Supernatural

He’s in Advanced Placement, the Winchester’s second unfortunate prophet was able to match Sam in brains, Dean in sass and Crowley at his own game. (Also, Tiger Mom.)

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I don’t know what you mean!

Hiatus has been kind to me!


Thank you all for getting us to 4,000 followers.

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#SPN10 countdown challenge | day 14 - episode 14 season 8
The boys and their many faces.

I felt like doing stills today, so here we are. Not much to say about this, really. I liked the episode, we got to see the boys wearing glasses, and the final image is also the first and only time I legitimately jumped while watching Supernatural. Other #14 eps that are good are S4 - Bromance with the siren, S5 - Cupid, S7 - A moose in glitter.

Only 2 weeks left, everyone.


The rest of the challenge is found here.

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