Team Free Will.


also i think chuck shurley and kevin tran starting a business together would be a very prophetable idea

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Can we just stop for a moment to appreciate this guy? Kevin Tran. Really smart, close to my age, and I have a chance with him. Sorry Winchesters, I’m a Tran fan now.

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It scares me how much I can relate to Kevin.


Submitted by anonymous.

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image image

practicing pixel art and gif making with these guys

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Supernatural fans, settle a bet




Am I crazy for thinking Kevin Tran and Charlie Bradbury is a crazy ship? My girlfriend suggested it and she can’t understand why I don’t like it. I think they might be friends but not a couple.

It depends on the person. It’s the first time I’ve heard of the pairing so I can’t say much either than I do see them as friends besides Charlie is LESBIAN not Heterosexual. Shipping them while ignoring her sexuality is wrong unless it’s an AU where she’s Bisexual.

I can’t see pairing them up, but my head canon is that if they’d met he’d have instantly formed a dire unrequited crush.

She’s cute, she’s geeky, she’s nice, and she’d be the first woman he’d talked to who wasn’t his mom or a demon in years. He’d have followed her around the bunker like a lovelorn puppy.

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Spn characters who deserved WAY better then what they got


  •  Kevin tran
  • Jo Harvelle
  • Ellen Harvelle
  • Meg masters
  • Ruby 
  • Jess
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thegirlofmanythings asked: if sammy is older than kevin, why is kevin's grammar better?
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