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the meme (used number 1)

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What happens in Livestream… doesn’t stay in Livestream.. 


Osric Chau/ Kevin Tran with #7 color palette

First attempt at a limited color palette… a challenge, but also very fun!

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Kevin meets Jo in Heaven, prompted by deanhugchester!

It’s a mad rush to the exit when the veil finally breaks open, souls pushing at each other and through each other, a mass of hands and ectoplasm or whatever else ghosts are made of.

Kevin hangs back, wavering, feeing the pull of Earth and Mom behind him fighting the bright light ahead, but he knows he can’t stay forever between the two worlds and what’s more, he doesn’t want to.

His last thoughts as he crosses over are of the last few years: regret for his mother’s suffering, for Channing’s death, for his own pain and loss and suffering, and for how little chance he got to nerd out over all the new parts of the universe he’d discovered–but then he slides past the precipice into the light and the next thing he sees are a wide, white smile and bright blonde hair, and a girl’s voice saying, “Welcome to Heaven’s Roadhouse, Kevin,” and he can’t help but smile back and think, maybe being dead won’t be quite so boring after all.


If you agree that Osric Chau is a national treasure please raise your hand.

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Can we discuss Kevin in “The Great Escapist” for a moment?

I’ve seen a lot of people talk about the seen in which Kevin faces Crowley but no one seems to get it. Yes, Kevin is calm, but that isn’t because he’s not afraid of Crowley.

It’s because he’s ready to die. He’s been told over and over again by Dean and Castiel that there is no way out of this life. He’s a prophet of the lord until he dies. Kevin sent his final message to Sam and Dean, He figured out what the last trial is, and he’s successfully hidden the demon tablet. He’s completely ready to die.

He’s not calm because he’s confident he’ll make it out, he’s calm because he’s confident he won’t

(I would also like to point out the parallel between the rib dinner Crowley’s demons get him and a prisoner on death row’s last meal) 


happy late-ish birthday to Master Chau who had a blast at the ballpit today!

79/100 days until spn s10

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In celebration of Os’ birthday, I created my first piece of digital art

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Semester 1 doodles
All done in religion and bio
There may be a reason I almost failed both those classes…

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