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Let me tell you a thing about Kev.


He went through fucking HELL for the Winchesters. He went through way too many migraines and sleepless nights and nightmares than he should have. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget how he was continuously hunted down and tortured by Crowley, watched his girlfriend’s neck get snapped, was separated from his mother and was constantly worried sick about her, was recruited as a freaking prophet without any prior knowledge of the supernatural world, had all of that information forced upon him within a few hours as he was being separated from his normal life, was dragged around by the Winchesters and Garth all the time, and then had his eyes burned out as he was defending himself by just trying to talk to Gadreel!Sam. The one time he gets to defend himself, he gets killed for it. Also, let’s consider this: we know that Kev went with his mom in the last episode he appeared in. We have no idea if he’s still with her, if he ended up going to heaven, or if Crowley dragged him down into hell.

You can’t even begin to fathom how angry this all makes me. If you don’t think Kevin Tran is a fucking hero that deserved all the happiness and praise and advanced placement awards in the entire damn universe I have nothing to say to you.

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Sam and Kevin had a little accident in Men of Letters archive

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Oh Death, won't you spare me over another year?
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Thank you all for getting us to 4,000 followers.

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Anonymous asked: I am guessing Kevin is the silent but deadly one?
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im trying this bitch again bc it didnt work last time alright forget last time (but also if ive followed you since last time and youre not on here dont feel bad im just copying and pasting all the last time blogs youll probs be on the next one ok ok)(oh and if you changed your url youre probs not in this one sry i was lazy)

idk when youre supposed to do these things like ?? 100? 1k? 5k? 100k? idk. but i am doing it now

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